Here’s A "No-Brainer":

    Get “more bang for your buck” - hire an experienced Law Firm to do your title and closing work for no more than the cost of an ordinary title company*.

    *Based on typical/average closing fees in central Florida. Individual cases may vary.

    WHY is a law firm better than a title company? Why does it matter?
    Generally - The Oliver Title Law Firm is a full-service real estate law firm, with a practice heavily focused on residential escrow, title and closing work. We serve realtors, sellers, buyers, lenders, landlords and tenants. We also do commercial real estate work.

    Title/Closing - Our services include escrow, title and settlement services identical to those provided by ordinary title companies (but with a lawyer instead!). Notably, even though our clients get the additional peace of mind of an attorney working on their transaction, our fees are comparable to those of most title companies. So why not get BOTH a lawyer AND highly experienced title professionals at no additional cost to you? It’s a lot more bang for your hard-earned buck. That’s why we call it a “No-Brainer”!

    Buyer Representation - In addition to serving as escrow/title and closing agent for sellers (or whomever is paying for title insurance), we also represent buyers on the opposite side of the table as well (although of course not in the same transaction, as that would be a conflict of interest). For Buyers, we will review your contracts, answer your transaction questions, review and approve title work, settlement statements, deeds and other closing documents.

    Miscellaneous Drafting and Review Services - We draft and review contracts, deeds, leases and other real estate-related legal documents. We will also create simple LLC’s and corporations for individuals, families and couples (although typically not for unrelated parties).

    Why is a Law Firm Better Than a Title Company? Why Does it Matter?
    - Did you know that a title company cannot explain your legal documents to you, or answer your legal questions about your contract? It’s true, they can’t. But Oliver Title Law can.

    - Did you know that a title company cannot provide a lawyer to close your deal and answer your questions at the closing table? It’s true, they can’t. But Oliver Title Law can. - What happens if you get in a dispute over a closing date, contract default, or claim on a deposit? What if you need to draft a new contract amendment? Or an escrow agreement, or a repair clause? Or a “threat letter”? Can a title company represent you? No they can’t. But Oliver Title Law can.

    The duties, skill sets and qualifications of a title company are very limited compared to those of attorneys.

    If everything goes well and you have no important questions to ask, an ordinary title company might work just fine for your needs. But what if you DO have important questions? What if something DOES go wrong? What if you DO need agreements drafted to protect you? What if you need an attorney to warn potential defaulting parties of the consequences of their actions, and let them know you are represented by legal counsel and intend to protect your legal right? What will you do then? Will you have to scramble at the last moment to find a real estate attorney willing to take your call right away for what might be a relatively minor matter?

    If you hire Oliver Title Law to do your title and closing work for you, not only do you get all the service and professionalism of a title company, but you also get the immediate attention and assistance of an attorney if something goes wrong, or even just to answer basic questions about what is often rather confusing and complicated to most people. And we usually have an attorney in the closing itself to explain your documents, answer questions and deal with legal and contract issues on the spot.

    You don’t get any of that with just an ordinary title company.

    Does This Additional Service Cost Extra?
    Usually, no, no extra cost. In most cases, our services, with all the peace of mind they include, cost no more that what a title company would charge you for their much more limited services (based on average/typical fees in central Florida; individual cases may vary). It‘s a little like “buy one, get one free.” You get a lot more bang for your buck. So why wouldn’t you hire an experienced law firm for closing and title needs?

    It’s a “No Brainer”.

    What Are Our Qualifications? - Description of Our Firm’s Experience
    The firm’s large staff of experienced professionals encompasses over 120 years of combined real estate and title experience. We close hundreds of transactions per year totaling over $100 million annually, and are among the top 3% largest agents of the Fund/Old Republic Title Insurance Company (one of the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation). We have closed for every major lender in the nation, for virtually every major/franchised real estate brokerage, and for thousands of individual buyers and sellers. Many of our staff members are also fluent in Spanish.

    Who is Lew Oliver? What Are His Qualifications?
    The Principal Attorney for the firm is Lewis M. Oliver III (please call him “Lew”). Lew earned his B.A. Undergraduate Degree from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida in 1981 (summa cum laude, with highest honors), and his J.D. Law Degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C in 1984 (cum laude, with honors). Lew has been a Member of the Florida Bar in good standing continuously since 1985. He has focused his entire 30+ year career on real estate and related matters. He regularly teaches seminars to buyers, sellers and realtors, and has conducted THOUSANDS of real estate closings over the years.